Unpacking Meat

First the meat will be unpacked, then weighed and cut for the mincing and emulsification process. Ensuring the essential first steps taken in having the correct size and shapes for the end product.

Mincing and Emulsification

The meat is then minced and emulsified which removes the air and other impurities in the meat. This gives the meat a smooth and filling texture to create our delicious products.

Filtering and Pressing

Next step is to take the emulsified meat, filter and compress it into the required polony, viennas and russians respectively.

Cooking Preparation

The meat is then processed and shaped into the relevant products for the cooking process to start.

Cooking Process

The products are then precooked and smoked in ovens. After cooked, it is then removed and cooled for the packaging process to start.

Packaging Process

The products are then packaged accordingly to what they are meant to be used for.

Cooling Process and Expiry Dating

The products such the polonies are then cooled once more and dated with a produced date. This gives it a unique date on estimated expiry dates.

Packaging Process

Final Packaging and crating is then done in the cold room, where it will be transported to the Meatgood Cash & Carry and other destinations.